Gareth + Kiri, cosplay is a family affair

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Gareth (better known as Neon Saiyan) and his partner Kiri are part of Thanet Cosplay. Gareth heads up the senior Thanet Team with Cheryl who keeps the group fundraising under control, and Vijay who can normally be found in the cosplay zone at most events.


Fi, Kiri, Gareth, Leo and Cheryl

For Gareth cosplay is very much a family affair, his son attended his first cosplay event in costume (albeit briefly) on his way home from hospital after being born, possibly the youngest cosplayer at an event ever. Fi, has been cosplaying with Thanet Cosplay for two years and has a love of princesses and baddies (even down to having a pink and black sith)

Kiri, Fi, Gareth and Vijay at Play Margate




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