London New Years Day Parade 2017

January 1st, day of lay ins and hangovers had some of our team heading for London in the pre-dawn hours to join Heroes for Charity at the London New Years Day Parade.

Vijay & Alex at London New Years Day Parade 2017
Photo Credit :Scott Mason

The drive up was roads clear, and variable speed limits all the way, however we made it in good time, having pre arranged parking through made life that little bit easier, meaning we could park almost next to the glorious Cumberland Hotel, which doubled as a pokestop making the day even better.

Having checked in and been wrist-banded up by the organiser Carl, we headed out to the parade start point and coffee. Walking through the set up meant we were able to get an idea of the scale of the parade which was huge, we had the opportunity to chat to people from all around the world, with many marching bands from the USA having come to join this huge spectacle. All of the coffee houses in the roads surrounding the queue area were hugely busy so we walked just out of the parade area and found a starbucks where we could sit, soy latte with ginger and some amazing raspberry and coconut bars were order of the day.  The amazing hotels in the westend had kindly opened their facilties for parade members to use as well which made life that bit easier.

The Heroes for Charity waiting for the London New Years Day Parade 2017 to start.


There was much debate as to should we return to the car for umbrellas which turned out to be the best idea ever as just after the parade started the deluge from the heavens began, with some of the costume team in beautiful light fabrics they quickly began to get cold, but bravely carried on through the rain to the end of the parade. Despite the rain there were 1000s of the public cheering us on through the weather and the camaraderie between the costumers was very special.  Followed by the amazing finale of the organiser Carl proposing to his beautiful partner Rebecca, there were a lot of damp eyes in the team with a lot of blaming the rain for them.

Wishing Carl and Rebecca every happiness for the future, following their engagement at the London New Years Day Parade

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