Jango Fett Helmet by Rubies

buy soma C.O.D. The Jango Fett helmet re released by rubies for the force awakens was my choice to restyle my mando costume, I’ve found the resin cast versions while great for shape and durability are too heavy for me to wear for long, so I’ve moved to a rubies toy helmet to see if I can get something a bit more wearable.

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http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Order Soma No Prior Script Overnight The first thing that struck me was how very light it was.

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ cod overnight soma Packed in vacuseal plastic I got my scissors stuck in to release the helm which was in two main parts plus the communicator.











Its a generous size, and marketed at ages 14+




Putting it together was a little fiddly with pin and posts on the joining seam and a slot for the communicator.



However patience prevailed and the helm came together within a few minutes.





There is a very obvious join seam where the two sides don’t quite fit together, the cat however is none too bothered about this.

The cat is unconcerned by the new mando in the building.

I am filling the seam with 101 quick dry filler and it will be sanded and painted in the next report.






The inside of the helm will need to be filled with EVA foam or another cushion as it sits very loosely, however the weight is far more suitable for me for wearing at events and the price compared to a resin cast is far less. I found the Rubies helm via an eBay seller for £35 each after searching for Star Wars helmets on a bit of a whim over the Christmas break.




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