Cosplay Crisis! Too Short, Too Low soma cod There are some amazing and awesome costumes out there but I find sometimes I’m looking at them thinking I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing something that revealing, I dress to be comfortable when at an event, I encourage you to do the same and dress to feel confident and comfy. My biggest worry is bending over and exposing my derrière to the world, so for me having a skirt that’s long enough is a really big deal. There are a lot of costumes out there that are really short, really low, or simply too revealing but there’s no reason with a little thought that you can’t wear these too. Order Soma No Prior Script Overnight cod overnight soma My first go to is for those skirts that are a little bit too short but not a lot, a lace trim to the bottom hem will give an extra couple of inches without looking out of place.  If you don’t want to make this a permanent addition you could use poppers or even small buttons and loops to secure it. I wouldn’t use Velcro as when the lace isn’t on you would have the other side of the Velcro against your legs which could be uncomfortable. You could also try adding a petticoat under the skirt. soma no prior prescription

Some outfits especially some of the anime and neko costumes don’t cover a lot which even in the British summer could leave you a little chilled, one way round this would be a flesh coloured zentai suit or body stocking. It might not be authentic but what’s important above anything is you  are comfortable in your costume.












Zentai suits come with and without head covers.

One to remember if you are wearing a tight Lycra suit or leggings is a ballet belt, as there are some things that you really shouldn’t be showing at the convention













Sometimes the simple solutions can work best something as quick as adding cycle shorts or leggings under an outfit can give you the confidence you need.




If you find that your top is laying too low on your chest you can add lace or ruffles to the neckline or try a décolletage cover up. These attach to your bra straps to appear as if you have a camisole or vest under your top.















If your costume sits just right until you move then clothing tape or double sided tape at a push can help it to stay put and defy gravity.

These tips are designed to help you to be cosplay confident in your choice of costume and protect you from any wardrobe malfunctions. If you are confident already in short skirts or low tops that’s awesome too. Everyone should be  able to cosplay whatever costume they want in a way that’s comfy for them, and if that means making some adjustments so the character feels comfortable on you that’s cool, after all you are wearing your interpretation of the costume and your version of the character.

Have fun 🙂




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