Keep it simple – ladies

buy soma with saturday delivery Its never easy picking a costume, but here we have some of the ladies easier to make and very recognisable choices. It’s by no means complete but might serve as inspiration for some of our readers for a fun go to costume, that can be made without spending a fortune. soma same day delivery Storm cod overnight soma Storm from the Xman universe comes in many incarnations but her white hair and black bodysuit are easy to replicate. The addition of a cape gives some extra coverage if you are uncomfortable in just a bodysuit. Soma online ordering next day VISA Mastercard accepted A black bodysuit can form the basis of three character in the easy and quick list here making it a great budget item.


buy Soma with no rx Black Widow buy online pharmacy soma With her iconic red hair and black bodysuit not many adjustments are needed to make a recognised version of the black widow, well know in both comics and films she’s a popular choice and fun to play. A practical character to wear for running around in as the body suit gives you a lot of coverage .

Black Widow Order Soma online overnight FedEx delivery Scarlett Witch soma free overnight fedex delivery With some Eva Foam sealant and spray paint her head gear is one that can be put together in a day, if Eva isn’t your thing then try card for a temporary version, plus a red leotard and leggings or a bodysuit, or even a red dress Scarlett Witch is one to recon with.

Scarlet Witch

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order soma cash on delivery Green Lantern fedex soma overnight The green lantern universe is full of variants and there is a fit for most. Simple versions of green lantern can be pulled together with dance wear and addition of prepare fabric badges or for tangent comics version a circle cape with hood and staff work well.

Green Lantern
Green lantern

Soma fast delivery no doctors Harley Quinn

Buy Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping Harley is very popular in all her incarnations, easily recognised and loved (and a love to hate character for some). To create a quick and easy Harley Quinn red and black tshirts and leggings can be split and stitched together with appliqué diamond shapes either sewn or wunder webbed on. Leichner clown white is a great go to for her super white clown face and sealed with baby powder.

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purchase Soma COD Poison Ivy Order Soma online without prescription Another of Gotham Girls with the instantaneous recognition,  and as many incarnations as Harley Quinn, she is easily pulled together with leggings and a leotard plus some fake ivy trim, or a glamourous green dress with the same trim. If green isn’t your colour why not try an autumn version with oranges and reds

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Black Cat

Another glamour out but also practictical option is black cat. With either a bodysuit or tshirt and leggings plus a bit of canny stitching of the fur around the collar she’s a fairly quick costume to modify from parts easily sourced.

Black Cat

Agent Peggy Carter.

Ladies Military Uniform hasn’t changed a great deal in the last 60 years so a recognisable Agent Carter would be sourced from military surplus stores or online, her iconic red lipstick and feminine curls aren’t too complex to match. Peggy Carter is a powerful, strong lady not to be messed with and moved on to her own series where she oozed glamour and strength.

Agent Carter