Days Out – Scarborough Comicon Feb 2017

This was the first event of the year for us to attend in, being a 5 hr drive from home it was a case of staying overnight with one of the best costume designers and creators I know, TC Kreations who has a skill set longer than I could ever dream of, I was lucky enough to get a preview of one of the costumes he is crafting to debut at UK games expo in June.

The weather was cold and miserable, the car park expensive, however once we were inside the event we were met with warm welcomes and the usual panic of those couple on minutes prior to opening.

Once inside the first person to greet us (again a long long way from home was the awesome Chris Bunn, original stormtrooper  and part of sci fi signers united    Chris the swiftly introduced us to one of the new troopers Sandeep Mohan, one of the Nope Troopers who gave us that wonderful comedy moment we have all experienced in real life when you avoid your boss who is having a bit of an angry moment

Sandeep was every bit as charming as Chris and I look forward to seeing them both at events again soon. Sandeep Mohan


The offerings from the stalls werent anything unusual at Scarborough except in price, this was one of the most reasonably priced events for merchandise Ive come across, which was refreshing and the community book swap was a really lovely suprise. food offerings again while quite basic were very fairly priced with us seeing drinks and snacks for three of us for under £10.

Another wonderful thing about the venue was how well it had been set up to be gender accesible across the board with all toilets and showers marked up as available to use by any gender, this was the first time I had seen this to be done so very well.

The venue also offered good spaces for photo opportunities with plenty of blank walled, well lit corridors with sofas and even a piano to use as a prop.

The scarborough anime club offered a good selection of enterainment for anime fans and clearly brought in a lot of their local following.

We also had the chance to meet some of the Geek Asylum Team who were very friendly and welcoming.

Scarborough was a small, but well put together event, with a chance to get close to and have a chance to talk to the celebrities who were there. I hope this leads to more from the organisers who did well on this event, didnt overstretch things and got their first event right.

Thanks for a great day out.