The Cosplay Club at Folkestone Film and Comicon

Folkestone Film and Comicon
May 7th, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

On Sunday 7th May all things Geek and Sci Fi head to Folkestone for their annual film and comicon, this local event has spread to a wide audience with costumers coming from up and down the UK to join in the fun and fundraising. Hosted by the volunteers at Planet Folkestone who strive tirelessly to carve Folkestone a place on the geeks map, while raising money for charity as well, the planet folkestone team also make the zombie walk happen each year.

The Cosplay Club are proud to bring the first cosplay  parade and competition to Planet Folkestone for 2017.

Also available will be a repairs area, photo my cosplay, and DIY greenscreen (download green screen it the free app to be able to use your own mobile phone or tablet device). You can join us for a chat about cosplay or ask help with your costume.

Soma fast delivery no doctors To enter the cosplay competition please sign up in the cosplay zone to the right hand of the stage before 13.30.

Categories for judging are

Adults (over 17)

Teens (13-16)

Junior (7-12)

Family (age 16 and under accompanied by age 17 and over)

To enter these categories you can have made, bought, hired. begged, borrowed or salvaged your costume.

FFCC Cosplay Star :Crafters Challenge

you must have made 75% or more of your costume to be eligible for this category (this category can be entered by proxy if you have made a costume and you have someone else to wear it)

FFCC Cosplay Star :Propmaster

you must have built your prop from scratch to be eligible for this category

FFCC Cosplay Star :Master of Modification

you must have modified your costume from everyday clothing items

FFCC Cosplay Star :Cosplay on a Budget

you must have spent no more that £20 in total for your costume, good places to source costume parts are jumble sales, charity shops, ebay, second hand shops

Please tell us when you enter if you are entering the Cosplay Star section as well as the standard competition .

There is no designated changing area the event for cosplay competition entrants.

All costumes for the competition must be family friendly which means showing no more of your body than would be considered decent on a public beach, costumes must be age appropriate.

Props must be convention safe and meet the cos-safe criteria of no metal blades, no tension strung bows, no dangerously sharp edges, and no replica or decommissioned firearms. Please consider the offensive weapons act when choosing your props.

To be eligible to enter the competition you must have parent or guardian permission if you are under 16 and you must have bought your entry ticket or been awarded it as part of the pre event promotion through local competition. The volunteer team are not able to enter the competition, however they are encourage to enter the end of day parade.

If you have any questions about the cosplay competition please contact

Where to stay:

This is where some of our team will be staying, its a friendly welcome, they have always looked after our costume team and are just a five minute walk from the venue. The cosplay club will be hosting post event drinks in the bar from 18.00 on the Sunday and you will be welcome to join us.

group of cosplayers