Thanet Cosplay

“It’s not who made the threads that matters, but how you weave them.”

Thanet Cosplay started in 2013, the group started as a costumed tea party meet, which was designed to get more people to use local a local gaming shop which had great community facilities and make everyone feel welcome.

The people who turned up immediately showed an interest in engaging with the local community and sharing their costumes, so we looked out for local events to volunteer at and help with fundraising which has grown and grown.

Cosplay Team outside the Boship Lions Hotel before the children with cancer picnic sponsored by Sheikh Gulzar

Thanet Cosplay is an open to all group and we encourage families to cosplay together, as the challenges of making costumes as a group is a bonding experience, and parents learning about the characters their children are passionate about enables them to understand the characters inspiring their children.

Starting young, families are welcome to join in from any age.
Darth Vader and Dad having fun at a summer meet up




Thanet Cosplay encourages all forms of costume, be it book characters, film, tv, anime or own characters, Steampunk also has a home with us. All we ask is that costumes are family friendly and nothing too scary except for specified halloweeen events.

Red and Black for Eastbourne Steampunk Weekend

Thanet Cosplay is a safe place for young people to learn about volunteering, we encourage young people to volunteering hand in hand with a parent or guardian so they can see what happens at events and how they work from an early age.

cosplaying in a group is fun


This method has also proven very successful at introducing working practices to young people on the asd spectrum making the transition from supported young person to independent young adult much easier.

Thanet Cosplay believes anyone can get involved in costuming, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, costumes can be made, bought, modified or commissioned it’s what works for the wearer. Thanet Cosplay has found costume is more than just an outfit, but donning the threads of another character can be truly empowering and help people to meet challenges they previously thought impossible.

Here one of our team has built her costume around her powered wheelchair using papier-mâché and chicken wire in panels.

Thanet Cosplay is not for profit, and we support many different charities, in 2016 we were able to donate over £2000 to the children with cancer fund, as well as being involved with many other charity events as costumed characters, volunteer stewards, and helping with event promotion.

Thanet Cosplay posing with charity posters

The management team of Thanet Cosplay has expanded into three separate identities Thanet  Cosplay, Eastbourne Cosplay and The Cosplay Club to make adminstration of events easier.

Vijay and Amy presenting cosplay awards at Komedia in Brighton

The group offer cosplay zone and events services for events sized from 50-25,000 people, we hope 2017 will be our first 30,000 + attendance event.

Nothing like a bit of silly, cosplayers dancing to the time warp at Wyntercon

If you would like to join us please do get in touch either by emailing or by finding our Facebook page Thanet Cosplay

Thanet Cosplay Carnival Entry – theme : games

Our goal is to have fun, while in costume and do some good in the world, be that making someone smile, inspiring someone to get involved, helping raise money for charity, or helping make an event happen that will benefit the community.

The Cosplay Team at The Children with Cancer Charity Picnic


Cosplay at UK games expo 2016